Price list

Plastic pasture fence gates

Wide band and cord handles

Prices are calculated individually based on the type of fence.

Pasture gates

hot-dip galvanized – fence height 1.10 m – tubular frame 1.5 inches – internal braces 1 inch

Gate widthPrice per unit
1,50 m146,50 EUR
2,00 m158,00 EUR
3,00 m180,20 EUR
3,50 m191,80 EUR
4,00 m215,00 EUR
Gate post for hanging with 2 adjustable screw clamps 
Post length 1,90 m74,80 EUR
Post length 2,20 m79,30 EUR
Gate post for closing 
Post length 1,80 m53,30 EUR
Post length 2,20 m62,30 EUR
Locking chain with snap hook3,09 EUR
Lock – self-closing45,80 EUR

Prices ex works without installation plus the valid tax.